World’s highest water pool opens in Dubai

Image copyright Studio Horizon Image caption Lisa Mangani explains that the infinity pool, rising 32m above the pool deck and the neighbourhood below, is a hybrid of design and engineering

The World has opened the highest-ever water pool in the world, located in Dubai.

The $40m (Sh6.5bn) infinity pool has a vertical skirt of curved glass surrounding the pool that promises 360-degree views and accommodation for up to 12 guests.

Designed by Lisa Mangani of Studio Horizon, the design aims to give everyone they meet at the resort a “first-hand” experience.

Dubai and Singapore have similar pools, and developer Nakheel is reportedly in talks to build three of the world’s tallest.

Image copyright Studio Horizon Image caption The infinity pool was unveiled by the tourism board at the start of Dubai World Expo 2020

Water levels at Studio Horizon’s lake level plunge three metres below the pool level to create the basin at the edges of the mirror tiles and wrap around the entire length of the pool.

While it sits at the top of the US National Register of Historic Places, Studio Horizon is clearly aiming to be the world’s first luxury mall with a pool, with the towers of the club attached below.

Meanwhile, there has been no word on when it will open officially, despite promises from Nakheel to have the pool ready within the next three months.

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