Wisconsin attack: what we know so far

Three buildings were burned to the ground in Waukesha, Wisconsin, following an early-morning fire on Saturday (local time), and Sunday, the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office named Darrell James Brooks as a suspect in the attacks. A man later identified as 22-year-old Brooks was captured by law enforcement in a crime spree that began at around 5.40am on Saturday. Waukesha police Chief Russell Jack said a man with a suspected relationship to the buildings’ owner left in the middle of a home address in an “somewhat suspicious” manner at around 2.30am. Two police officers guarding the street spotted a man matching his description running and chased him, though they were unable to catch him, Chief Jack said. “In the face of this terror, and the randomness of it, our officers, our residents, are sticking together,” Chief Jack said. “It’s heroic and, as the word spreads, it’s taking hold. That’s a sign of the character of this community.”

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