What changed for season two of ‘Power’

We’re all still in mourning over the final episode of season one of Power, but Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson wants you to know that he’s having a good time watching the second season of his show. When the show resumes on Starz on September 5, there are some big changes afoot. But where was the change? With the exception of ex-con convict Tommy Egan, the main character of the series, the very first season followed the same story arc we’ve seen all through the series. What changed for season two was execution.

For season one, the death of businessman Billy Knox meant that the club Ray Ray’s had to pay off Ghost’s debts. Season two doesn’t have such an overarching story arc, but rather, it’s more of a ride along.

Starlite (Omari Hardwick) starts the season trying to sell sex to buy a kid a new Lamborghini for Christmas. Bobby (Rotimi Akinosho) finds himself in physical fight with the head of City Hall, and Deacon (Charles Halford) is definitely not satisfied with being the “nothing nobody” he thinks he is. Reluctantly Ghost takes on a new mission: recruit drug dealer Vinny as a secret friend of Ghost’s, not just for a drug deal, but to collaborate on some art.

Yandy (Kimberly Elise) tries her luck at being a “cat” with Tommy, although it seems unlikely that Tommy will feel inclined to keep Yandy around much longer. Jaquez and Terry Valentine try to appeal to the women of Power, asking them to tell them what their boyfriends and husbands are into, which of course catches up with Tasha.

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