Waukesha woman accused of beating fire officer and marching cop

Image copyright Waukesha Police Image caption Darrell Brooks’ bail has been suspended pending an investigation

A woman has allegedly punched and scratched a former clerk at the Waukesha fire station and the chief of police is questioning the man’s links to the department.

Darrell Brooks, 45, was out on bail awaiting trial for a string of crimes including burglary and drug possession when he allegedly attacked two people during a Christmas parade.

Mr Brooks later confessed to officers.

The Milwaukee district attorney is set to review his bail.

Waukesha police chief Russell Jackman said the offences carried a maximum sentence of 12 years in prison.

Speaking after the incident, Chief Jackman said: “You never want to see a public employee getting hurt and we all felt for the person who was there in that situation.”

A 39-year-old woman allegedly punched and scratched a woman who helped run the city’s first ever Christmas parade in December.

Image copyright Waukesha Fire Image caption Waukesha firefighters attended the celebration of the centenary of the village

Police said the woman had her face bruised, but otherwise did not require medical attention.

A 23-year-old woman was then pushed, grabbed and punched by a male in the crowd, police said. She was not injured.

Chief Jackman said while bystanders helped during the assault, it was “clear someone in the crowd made an instigating statement”.

“This man obviously has a history of fighting,” he added.

“When people look at the pictures they don’t see the guy in the uniform. I don’t see the guy in the uniform. The guy in the uniform is out there.”

“There is clear video of the attack. Someone needs to be held accountable.”

‘I can’t believe this’

Mr Brooks’ attorney, David Stebbins, confirmed his client was released on bail in March and took up a job with the Waukesha fire department.

Image copyright Waukesha Police Image caption One of the victims appeared to shout “You tried to kill me” to Mr Brooks in the attack

Mr Stebbins told CNN the admission came while Mr Brooks was on his way to work.

“He would now admit that he has a history of having a desire to violently alter the world and that he’s especially attracted to women who are in sworn positions of power, and with authority.”

Waukesha firefighters were asked to monitor Mr Brooks’ whereabouts but declined because of his “prior criminal history”, according to a statement on the Waukesha fire department’s Facebook page.

“My wife, my daughter and I watched him and we were not the ones in the situation. This really shook me up,” said Waukesha Fire and Rescue Lieutenant Roger Ullman.

“I can’t believe this, you know? I thought maybe I had him pegged for a really vicious guy. You start throwing at least four punches and you get the opportunity to have a conversation with him, and after a few minutes you learn who he is and you start to understand what it is that makes him tick,” he added.

Chief Jackman said officers were combing through a “significant quantity” of photos and video images from the parade.

After viewing the footage on Monday night, the district attorney’s office suspended Mr Brooks’ bail.

He now faces an array of charges.

Prosecutors said he would be charged with two felony counts of battery and one felony count of disorderly conduct.

The District Attorney’s Office has asked a judge to adjourn the hearing until Tuesday to allow prosecutors time to review the evidence.

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