Watch the Viral Video: Austria Schools on Lockdown Due to Bomb Threat

What started as a “soft lockdown” of the Vienna Skokie school district’s Central Office and adjoining buildings for about three hours on Friday morning, was then apparently augmented with a less controlled lockdown of all the school buildings in the district.

Stations involved in Germany’s heroic rescues in World War II had been that of the headquarters of Nazi Germany’s Minister of Police, Georg Derkiß, known as “Der Toten Berghof” or “The Tower” while the Nazis had closed themselves in when they tried to destroy three mountain observatories outside Munich because they were discovered to be top secret. At the time a crowd gathered around the offices of the Minister as though he were one of them.

Fast forward 75 years, and on Friday a “soft lockdown” of the Central Office of the Vienna Skokie school district regarding a bomb threat became a more severe perimeter lockdown of the whole district with all 600 students being evacuated. All buses were ordered off the road. In desperation police ordered all residents in the immediate area to leave.

All schools were searched and evacuated from campus with all students and staff being allowed to return with signs in hand.

Almost two weeks to the day that Hitler entered his bunker, Austria is looking at its largest security lockdown since the days of the Nazis.

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