Trump live at CPAC: Site visitors, traffic and discussion

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Trump speech may help boost Trump TV ratings

CNN commentator Pastor Scott Lively says that President Trump and his speech at CPAC may help boost both Trump TV ratings and right-wing viewership for this year’s CPAC convention.

“There’s no doubt that the ability to attract speakers that are directly attacking Democrats is a big part of the draw. And so, my guess is both issues will play. And I’m sure in the press room, where all of these questions are coming from, I’m sure they want to get those questions answered. But not necessarily about the content of the speech. They want to find out who it is and whether he just talks the talk or actually walks the walk.

It’s interesting that President Trump has a film festival coming up at the end of the month. And I think many people are wondering about whether or not his speech at CPAC has any bearing on the star power of his film festival. I think they will, of course, hope for more star power.

I think I’m honestly speechless. The speech was just an hour or two. I’m not sure how many people went to see the speech. I didn’t know if I got in. I walked into CPAC and they asked me for my name. And I guess I must have been really far along in the line. I’m just really speechless. I know that Donald Trump is not a politician. It was not a talk show. It was more like a speech. And the speech was on the record. When I saw the ball on the table, I sat there and watched it.

Some have suggested it was a late night interview, which to me, in Donald Trump’s mind, would be just as shocking. He wants to have a lot of stories to tell about himself. And so it could be an interview. But the president doesn’t always tell people what they want to hear. He doesn’t always say what they want to hear in an interview. It was really a speech.”

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