This fake airport ad begs you to take a taxi to Dulles

Tired of the airport dragging your day-trip to D.C. down? Look no further than Taxi! To the Airport — just in time for the March Fool’s Day airport prank time.

This mock commercial describes a flight from DeKalb airport to Dulles: “You were supposed to pick up your family for the long weekend! Well, the kids aren’t with you. You’re not sure who is and who isn’t. And when you finally see them, there’s no champagne to celebrate. That’s what happens when it’s Taxi to the Airport.”

In each city, there are flights going to Dulles that begin as early as 11 a.m. and will end as late as 10 p.m. The rule of thumb: You have a minute to decide if it’s worth the long layover at an airport that offers airliners that will only arrive at 6 a.m. or dawn.

Then there’s a chance to top up your slushie while waiting in line. Washington has’s “four wonder places” to do just that — 29 sparkling locations with 15 million square feet of amenities, like a paintball complex or a museum dedicated to DC-oriented history.

Or how about parking the car in one of the 9,500 metered spots at the Dulles airport and seeing what’s in store. And what can a layover be without airport food? Washington’s Harbor Center is a busy spot for pubs, restaurants and coffee stands.

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