The incredible story of how a tiny Sicilian hillside town has turned into a golf mecca

Growing up on a Sicilian hillside farmhouse outside Cosenza, Federico Alba learned to resist temptation and to head off potential danger when it came to the task of coaching his neighborhood teenagers. As the New York Times reported, that focus is what ultimately made him one of the world’s top golf coaches, winning the PGA’s coaching prize four times and then a club membership. These days, Alba, 66, lives an extravagant life on the island of Sicily, signing autographs for fans during the lunch hour or encouraging locals to join him on the course.

But Alba also serves as an advocate for a local group that hopes to bring the media and public more understanding of the business of fishing. He sometimes helps small fishermen hone their fishing techniques — something his former students support as an opportunity to learn more about his love of the ocean.

The interview of Alba by the New York Times was conducted over a series of three interviews on the anniversary of his high school graduation. His stories are the kind of tales only the background of a man in the spotlight could produce, a kind of true-crime string of triumphs and misadventures.

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