Thanks to China, the world’s fastest train will cruise in 2019

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In a late holiday gift to the world, Chinese engineers have been working for years to build the world’s fastest passenger train.

According to a recent report, engineers from the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CBE) unveiled a final prototype of the project, which traveled a whopping 62 mph (98 kmh).

The world’s fastest train is made in Zhangjiakou, capital of the Hebei province.

“Designed to transport passengers at speeds of up to 220 kph and high-speed train operation at up to 220 kph, it boasts a combined speed of up to 60 kmh faster than the world’s fastest bullet train of Japan’s Shinkansen,” CBE said in a press release on Monday.

The prototype is able to “travel over 10 times” faster than the world’s fastest bullet train (Shinkansen), which is already in service between Tokyo and Osaka, and will be speed tested in early 2019.

The train features safety features of the Chinese counterpart – including braking with the speed of a passing bus (so no one is left behind).

The train can also travel without a conductor and will have LCD monitors that offer automated information, including what time it is, departure and arrival times, personal information and video.

“You will be able to control a train in real time in an unlimited number of applications – sitting in a hotel room, in the carport during travel and in the stadium attending sporting events,” CBE said.

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