Sen. Patrick Leahy Gives Candidature Adieu; Poll: Peter Welch up Seven Points Over Scott Milne

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Vermont is set to have a special election on September 11th to select a successor to retiring Senator Patrick Leahy. Peter Welch, a current congressman who currently represents the 2nd District of Vermont, is the Democratic nominee. Welch is facing New York businessman Scott Milne.

FOX’s Mike Emanuel now joins us from Burlington, VT with the latest on the race…

Securing America.

A federal judge ruled Monday that a Kansas grand jury can continue its investigation into the whereabouts of Hillary Clinton’s illegal e-mails and the shooting of Congresswoman, Gabby Giffords.

The decision follows a similar ruling a day earlier in the case of former Virginia Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe, in which a federal judge ruled that a grand jury can continue its investigation into the use of Governor McAuliffe’s private jet.

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