Self-driving taxi service crashes in China – and the selfie car too

These are pictures of personal autonomous vehicles taking to the roads in China in a handful of cases in recent months.

According to a report from the US-based research group IEEE Spectrum, the firm Chery Automobile showed off a self-driving driverless taxi service in Guangzhou in August, while US tour operators have offered a similar service for a year.

But in one case, a self-driving taxi made the mistake of driving its passengers “aggressively” in a national park.

The report from IEEE suggests that many more autonomous vehicles might be making their way to the Chinese market in the near future, especially after the country’s vice-minister of transport, Miao Wei, urged the public to accept new technology this month.

In the case of the tram crash in Zhaidao, reports suggest the vehicle’s camera “generated an unintended display of real-time parking space on the vehicle’s display”. Following the crash, the vehicle was given a “hazmat clean-up job” which included a trip to the local emergency room, along with a car, a truck and a massive crane.

Chery executive vice-president Yang Yin told reporters the car was “instantly switched to its onboard computers” and was transported on a clean truck and even repaired using a crane.

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