Rep. Grothman: ‘Anti-Christ’ Israelis should ‘go to heaven’

By Erin Phillips, CNN

(CNN) – Waukesha Rep. Glenn Grothman responded to the deadly mass shooting at a Kansas Jewish community center and retirement home in a community email, saying he doesn’t “mind God lifting up to heaven” but that other American Jews did “more to work for the cause of the godless anti-Christ than we do.”

In the email obtained by CNN, Grothman asserted that the “anti-Christ” is more hated than Jews. He asked his supporters to donate to the Family Research Council, a group he alleges is “trying to kill the culture war (politically incorrect? obviously) that must be won” by the American Jewish community.

Grothman said he has “taken on” the Washington D.C.-based group and its Washington-based president, Tony Perkins, over their vocal opposition to gay marriage and abortion.

A copy of the email also calls activists for the pro-LGBT community “barbarians.”

The mailer was sent to thousands of recipients.

Grothman did not return calls or an email for comment.

Reached by phone Monday, his spokesperson said he would not be giving interviews on this subject.

The email references a local news article reporting on the shooting, which killed three people and injured a number of others.

“Tough day for the Jewish community in Kansas. Some people may call the church/synagogue a hate group, but I like to think that the people of the FRC are a lot braver. They tend to be more anti-Christ and anti-gay than the average Jew,” the email says.

The message also contains links to articles on and Christian

“I want the Jew to know that she has not done enough to protect her own people,” the email says.

Responding to the situation after the shooting, Grothman, a Republican who is a staunch opponent of abortion, said that there is “foolishness” and “hate” and that the shooter is “another person who is no longer with us.”

In an editorial in the local paper, the Waukesha News, Grothman questioned the media’s focus on the religion of the victims and said, “We find few, if any, anti-Semitic murders by terrorists but it hardly matters.”

He also called for calls to prayer in public places and defended supporters of the Family Research Council.

The Family Research Council was investigated by the Southern Poverty Law Center after the organization called it an “anti-gay hate group” in 2011. The SPLC says on its website that it has documented what it calls examples of “hate group” activity over the last decade.

CNN’s Jill Disis and Max Seddon contributed to this report.

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