Poll: Joe Biden doesn’t have a shot at being president

Written by By CNN Staff Writer

Former Vice President Joe Biden is seeing his support decline, according to a new CNN/ORC poll.

At 44%, President Trump holds a double-digit advantage over his Republican opponent in 2020, according to the survey. Sen. Bernie Sanders holds 15%, with Vice President Pence, Gov. Chris Christie and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg rounding out the top five.

Slightly more people — 53% — are likely to support Trump in the general election versus 43% for Sanders. Forty-six percent are undecided, and 17% are unlikely to vote.

Biden, 77, is currently viewed favorably by 37% of respondents and unfavorably by 37%.

The survey also questions those who were undecided or who were leaning towards a candidate. At this stage, the poll suggests that Biden would drop to third place in head-to-head matchups with Trump.

But what do the results say about his reputation?

“That Joe Biden is never considered for the office of president is completely understandable,” said Max Pappas, host of “Smerconish.” “This study reminds us that he is a very polarizing figure with a wildly discrepant record in Congress. As for his reputation, I just don’t think you can trust him or read him.”

According to the poll, only about a third of Democrats think Biden is likely to be the nominee, while at least as many feel that he is not. Forty-five percent feel he would be able to run a successful campaign.

Pappas added, “Biden is not a conventional politician. He is an attorney, and he wasn’t always an establishment figure. Yet some find themselves reminded of President Obama every time Joe Biden speaks, and not in a good way.”

CNN Politics Polling Director David Paul Kuhn said that the results weren’t surprising given the current political climate, adding that there is a need for a candidate who is a “lively politician, but not a firebrand.”

“A Joe Biden campaign would have almost no chance to win the presidency,” he said. “Therefore the prospect of Joe Biden running for president will move on to a completely different subject than that of a general election challenge to Trump.”

If there is one thing that remains clear from this poll, it’s that a majority of Americans are very unlikely to change their minds on who they want to be the 2020 candidate. More than a third of respondents polled — 37% — say they would never change their mind on who they think will be the Democratic nominee.

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