‘One of us had to do that’: Two event professionals’ fairy-tale wedding

Sarah Keith and Sean Crutcher Are two event professionals in Michigan who, this summer, married at a private estate in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in an outdoor ceremony on Lake Martin.

Why did you decide to live a wedding planner’s dream?

Both of us were very in tune with what our wedding vendors needed, and we knew that one of us had to do that. After a fair amount of back and forth, Sean pitched in by throwing out ideas to help create our guest list, and I chipped in with different ideas for decorations. With us being three professionals, we created unique ideas for the wedding that would benefit both our clients.

What have you learned as a wedding planner?

It can take a lot of the stress out of planning a wedding and not being afraid to add a little magic, even if it is on a smaller scale.

You can have a big budget and do it yourself, but it comes at a price. Paying for a wedding planner takes the stress out of things and gives you back more time with your friends and family.

Who else would you recommend as a wedding planner?

I suggest having one great wedding planner and one that you work with a lot to learn from. Having this nugget of wisdom and experience can only help you in the long run!

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