Monaco Grand Prix cut to three days

The Monaco Grand Prix will be reduced to a three-day event for the 2022 season after an overhaul of Formula One’s commercial model.

The season’s penultimate and final race, scheduled for mid-October 2022, will have its title sponsor announcement and the presentations to the teams the previous day, Wolff said. It will be a single-car showcase event in which the whole grid comes together for the late-night parade around the streets of Monaco.

The three-day format was scheduled to be introduced in the 2019 season, but no races were added to the calendar for the period. A flat schedule was adopted after that and shows that F1’s management seems to be hell-bent on cutting the number of grands prix as they seek to return to health after losing $1.4 billion in the first half of this year.

“You can have the strongest brand on the planet but if you can’t make money, there’s no future,” Wolff told F1’s media. “Our job was to decide what is best for the franchise long term.

“There will be a new model that will deliver for our partners over the long term.”

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