Mo Salah may be misapprehended as the pure goalscorer

If you have watched Mo Salah play for Liverpool, you will know that he does very little other than score goals. On top of his admirable footballing skills, he gives off the impression of a slightly characterless character. Yet there is something else about Salah that makes him one of the most underrated footballers in British history. Unlike other great footballers (think Fernando Torres, Frank Lampard, Gareth Bale and David Beckham), Salah has never worn the No. 10 shirt for Liverpool. It is the shirt worn by the game’s most famous strikers – Wayne Rooney, Diego Maradona, Henry, Van Nistelrooy – so it naturally suggests the playmaker has potential to improve in this department. Perhaps you think that behind those immaculate legs he was born to be a playmaker but he wears that shirt for around half the games of the season so there may be some truth to the theory that he is truly a goalscorer first. Or maybe he could have a future as a striker. But for now, he is Liverpool’s main focal point and, like it or not, someone is going to have to take the spot from Steven Gerrard for next season. Right now, Salah, the only other player to have scored 15 goals this season, has everything it takes to replace Gerrard as Liverpool’s captain.

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