Meet Teamsters 3-27 West Vice President Sean Patrick O’Brien

President Sean Patrick O’Brien

2920 West Superior Street

Chicago, IL 60629

Dear Mr. President,

I would like to thank the 142,000 members of Teamsters Union for their votes during the recent elections for the Presidency, Vice President, Directors of Operating Council and various local offices.

I understand that by voting out four incumbent President level officers, our delegates took a strong position against the contested leadership of the union. I will fight, as you will fight, for the rights of those who have the right to bargain for fair wages, benefits and working conditions.

As the incoming President, I pledge to fight for the election of Presidents of Operating Council, all five operating councils and all thirty-three local offices including 18 Women President’s positions. I will continue to fight to implement the important Contract Amendment Proposal which expanded job security protections for the Teamsters on major jobs in Bridgeport, N.Y., and Westchester County, N.Y.

Together we can meet the challenges before us by prioritizing the quality of life for all Teamsters and delivering real solutions to empower our members. I look forward to working alongside you to advance the vital national union movement.


Sean Patrick O’Brien

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