Joe Biden endorses Trump administration’s nominee for FDIC

Written by Staff Writer at CNN

Biden is now the country’s second most-senior Democrat.

(CNN) – Former Vice President Joe Biden endorsed Andrew Bowen, the Assistant U.S. Attorney for New Hampshire and the president’s nominee to lead the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, in a tweet Saturday, marking the second time Biden has taken a stand for a Trump appointee in as many days.

After withdrawing his name from consideration to be director of the CIA, Trump Thursday gave the FDIC — a long-established banking regulation and oversight agency — its first interim chief since it was established in 1934.

Biden echoed the authority of his former boss, the 35th president, in a tweet praising Bowen’s independence.

“For the past 30 years, Bowen has been the district attorney for New Hampshire,” the former vice president wrote. “He is unimpeachable. His independence and integrity are the very qualities necessary for a leader at the FDIC.”

Bowen’s selection is “yet another example of President Trump’s inability to pick good people for top posts,” Biden said.

“More and more we see his political bias in deciding who will do the work of the people,” he continued. “Look at his nominations to lead the Supreme Court. Look at the Directors of the CIA, Justice Department, State Department, Federal Trade Commission and now FDIC.”

Biden has a history of criticizing the Trump administration’s picks, especially those for high-profile positions.

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On Thursday, the former vice president blasted the president’s choice to lead the State Department, State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert, calling her “a flop waiting to happen.”

“If she can’t hack the job of State Department spokesperson, what hope is there of a Secretary of State?” Biden tweeted.

Biden previously supported Rod Rosenstein, the Maryland state prosecutor tapped to oversee the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, when the president first floated her as possible next attorney general.

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