How to use the internet to get work done anywhere

As freelancers have become a new norm in the US workforce, they’ve also become just as multi-faceted as most full-time workers. Working from anywhere, everywhere, day after day, they’ve found that even if they hit a technical or design hurdle, they can still push forward and figure out a solution. This ability to get work done anywhere, anytime even if things fall apart has transformed the way freelancers work, making the craft more gratifying and fulfilling for everyone involved. And, thanks to the power of the internet, there are almost limitless new tools at freelancers’ disposal. Here are some of the newest ways freelancers are using the web to make their work more efficient and inspire you to get creative and work from anywhere.

Shark Brain Cloud

Read blogs and books, YouTube videos, news stories, and, of course, website posts to keep your work fresh. But, why not have a video on the side? Open a Shark Brain Cloud account, and click the link to add content to your in-box. Then, take the selective code you’ve provided. Then, click the play button to watch the first video you’ve added in your Shark Brain Cloud. The next video will be about the one you’ve just watched, but it’ll be free to use for the duration of your subscription, from the time it was made until you cancel it.

Soap Box

Set up your soapbox anywhere you want, anytime. And, yes, that includes while you’re drinking coffee. Develop your own pages with your pictures, blog posts, and more—just get them working and you’ll be never missing a beat. Each page is trackable.


Three days a week, you just need to call, text, or email your three most frequent coworkers to drop off an order of stuff. Some of your coworkers will require a delivery, while others will just want one item. Then, all you need to do is use AllThreeApp to purchase shipping on your behalf and have it made with all of your coworkers in under an hour.

Way to Compost

Kick out of an office and into the open. You can enjoy the open environment of your workspace even more with the help of the green building app Way to Compost. The free app uses its sensors to detect the energy usage of individual items in your workspace—including a host of products that are typically the unsung heroes in a business’s green initiatives—so you can track your office’s energy consumption in real time. It’s handy when you need to find and replace an item, and you can even track down the source of an energy sapping lighting fixture that might get costly to fix. Plus, if you want to know how much your office is costing you, or what kind of place it would be if you converted to a more energy efficient setup, Way to Compost can tell you.

Next Teacher Network

If you’re looking for inspiration, a trending classroom topic might be the new teacher of the year award. The Next Teacher Network is a site where teachers can come together to share their stories, perspectives, and resources with fellow teachers. You can comment on teachers’ posts, or follow the teachers for access to the best content. You can also discover new teachers and see when and where they’re being featured.

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