Holiday in Israel: 101 places to celebrate Christmas

In Israel, the Hanukkah Festival commemorates the Jewish community’s victory over the Greek Syrian-Greeks and the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem in 165 BCE. In this religious ceremony, the Temple priests lit eight candles, the same as a Christmas tree, at the western end of a table in its main hall.

Some modern Israelis believe that those religious traditions should not clash with Western ones. A new law passed in January makes the Israeli flag the country’s official national holiday on 9 November, which also happens to be Hanukkah. In 2013, when the law wasn’t in force, the government started erecting holiday decorations from the end of May.


Co-op was one of many companies with a Hannukah symbol next to the Christmas tree

In response, the Co-op was one of many companies to display a Hanukkah symbol next to the Christmas tree. Why? “The Co-op asked whether we could use the colours of the Hanukkah ornaments, such as red and white, next to our Christmas tree; this year we will focus on our accented candles,” Co-op spokesperson Elodie Sternberg said.


Co-op chose for its Hanukkah symbol these three symbols – red and white, nine candles, and a nine-branched candelabrum


Jewish volunteers decorate a tree with the symbol of a tree during Hannukah


Eleven menorah candles stand on top of a Christmas tree


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