Franklin Graham: Watch The Facts; Make Sure You Vote

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Pope Francis delivered his address to college students at the University of Virginia on Saturday, May 18. In his message, Pope Francis said that young people should take care of the environment because there is no doubt that they are the generation which would be left with the most difficulties. The Pope said that they are the ones who have been most affected by the conflicts, the environmental degradation and the lack of access to education.

In his address Pope Francis said, “As guardians of the Earth and its resources, you have a duty to protect the future of your planet, but also of your lives, now and in the future. Those in leadership positions should also know that every human effort to provide for their needs and help others in need is a gift that cannot be diminished. People have the right to food, housing, employment, medical care and education, while the earth gives the people who inhabit it the opportunity to grow and be part of the creation.”

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