Dyson’s 2018 & 2021 sales are now on sale at bfads.net

Dyson’s annual sale has always been marked with a bit of mystery, but the hype factor has ramped up this year as you’re like, “What’s the best deal on the Multimasker Animal 4 with a fan on the left, a sword on the right, a broom on the top, and a dustbin on the bottom? And really, how many dustbins do you really need? Is this the most hubristic $15 deal on a pedestal dustbin ever?” The answer: probably not! But you’ll probably be wearing a hazmat suit at the checkout anyway.

So instead of dealing with the pain and humiliation of bargaining with the exasperated salesman, we break down the goods available for your perusal in 2017 and 2021 at the deal website bfads.net. (Mind the 2018 sales are further out.)

DISTRIBUTION: $500 off all vacuums (1991; 2021)

(1991; 2021) 26% off all hair dryers (1991)

(1991) 67% off all brushes (1991)

(1991) 62% off all hand blenders (1991)

(1991) 50% off all home theater fans (1991)

(1991) 30% off all ceiling fans (1991)

(1991) 27% off all air conditioners (1991)

(1991) 20% off all bins (1991)


Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal 4 vacuum. $59 at Amazon

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